How to write a resume: tips and suggestions


As the solutions expert at Boots & All Consulting, I spend my days reviewing resumes looking for great applicants and comparing experience with our job search criteria. I have put together some tips to help you shine when applying for roles and stand out as a winning candidate in the first 10 seconds. Here are some simple tips to having a winning CV.

  • Have your name and contact details clearly displayed at the top of your resume, not in the header and footer or in the margins
  • Have an easy to find email address. You want an email address that makes the right impression. Make it as easy as possible for potential employers to contact you. A professional email address (especially your name) is easy to remember and pronounce. Ex:, not
  • Put in your suburb in your contact details
  • Always put dates of employment on your resume. Be specific, don’t just put the years
  • Your work history should begin with the most recent work experience and make sure that it is current and updated.
  • Attach a Cover Letter that shows you have looked at the company website, understand what they do, have assessed the travel time is reasonable and you can do the days and hours required for the role

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